Adenz - cryptocurrency with increased anonymity and security

What is Adenz?

Cryptocurrencies drawback related to high volatility and slow transactions, whose speed can decrease dramatically due to a heavy load on the network, have led many to be skeptical about investing in cryptocurrencies. Adenz developers have found a solution that eliminates these shortcomings and provides instant transactions with virtually no fees.

Adenz provides investors with favorable conditions. Thanks to advanced technologies based on PoS and masternodes, investors acquire a cryptocurrency, rather than a mining equipment, which provides a double benefit:

• Instant payback. Investors immediately get profit and do not spend money on expensive equipment and electricity.

• Profit is provided both due to masternodes and the cryptocurrency rate growth. This approach encourages investors to hold coins and protects against unforeseen drops in the rate.

• In addition, investors can sell the cryptocurrency at any time and come out with a profit, which is not available for traditional miners who need to cover the costs of equipment and electricity.

Short Specification
  • Adenz Coin name
  • DNZ Symbol
  • 60 seconds Block Time
  • 3 hours Min. staking age
  • 420M Max Coin Supply
  • 5000 Required coins for MN
  • MN - 75% Rewards
  • POS - 25% Rewards
  • 133 blocks Maturity
  • 350 000 Premine

  1. 1 - 51001
  2. 5101 - 2200051
  1. 22001 - 3300061
  2. 33001 - 4400071
  1. 44001 - 5500041
  2. 55001 - 6600031
  1. >6600121

Adenz Roadmap
Launching of Adenz Announce on Presale Bounty campaign
Listing on exchange Airdrop Listing on MNO Mac wallet
Listing on MNpro Android wallet Marketing Listing on Coinmarketcap
Listing on exchange IOS wallet Paper wallet